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eric-viara-100x100 Eric Viara is SYSRA CEO since its creation in 1993. Graduate of Télécom ParisTech, specialized in databases and computer-human interfaces, he has worked as a chief architect and project manager in a large number of advanced projects in molecular biology. He is the chief developer and architect of EyeDB.
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francois-dechelle-100x100 François Déchelle is specialized in GNU/Linux and open source. Graduate of Ecole Polytechnique, doctor of Université Pierre et Marie Curie, he has worked at IRCAM where he has realized jMax, a software for interactive multimedia creation. He has been working on EyeDB since 1998. He is also the public project lead of Creative Commons France.
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stuart-pook-100x100 Stuart Pook is specialized in databases and computer-human interfaces. Graduate of Sydney University, doctor of Télécom ParisTech, he has worked as architect and senior developer on a large number of R&D projects in biogenetic.
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